Personal Performance Coaching

Why is Coaching a Smart Investment?

You are driven, successful, and high performing in some areas of your life, but struggle in others. You know you are capable of much more in life, and have a strong desire to improve. You’ve tried a bunch of tactics on your own, but not achieved the results you want.

You believe there must be a better way, and value your time too much to keep trying random things. You would rather invest in the benefits a coach can provide because experience has taught you that accomplishing your goals will be faster and easier with the guidance of an expert.

That’s true, but you are smart enough to know that you need more than simply information and a motivational cheerleader. You want someone who’s been there, experienced the struggle, has the answers, insight, and experience you need. You want someone who can cut through the noise, quickly and effectively draw out the key factors needed to help you reach new levels of personal and professional performance.

This person must be a reliable sounding board, resource toolkit, and accountability partner in your future success.

If this sounds like you, and what you are looking for Tim would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Check out the details below, or contact Tim here.

At the simplest level, my job as a performance coach is to help you get from point A to point B in the most effective way possible.

The challenge, and why so many people struggle is that they are missing too many factors necessary to complete the journey. Sometimes they don’t know where they are or where they want to go, they just know they need to change. Others have a clear goal, but struggle focus, attention, and linking the right steps together.

After working with everyone from professional athletes, to children, and executives at billion dollar companies, I have developed an exceptional ability to listen, ask the right questions, and facilitate the creation of your successful personal performance plan with you as an active participant..

Like any great coach, I don’t TELL you what to do. I listen, draw out the necessary information, and FACILITATE the process of helping you

Uncover your desires and dreams

Identify the emotional connection to the change you want to make

Create clear, concise goals

Gain clarity, focus, and direction regarding your goals

Learn about yourself, your mindset, confidence, barriers, and bright spots

Build an effective and realistic roadmap for the attainment of your objectives

Peak performance system designed to keep you healthy, happy and productive

This System Strategically Applies The “4 Pillars Of Personal Performance” For Success In Business And Life.





An investment in coaching is one of the best investments you can make.

It’s not about “fixing” problems. It’s about reconnecting with your passions, dreams, strengths, and expanding your mindset around what is desired and possible in your life. Throughout the coaching process, you will have the opportunity to step back, and honestly evaluate your current state, your goals, and take full accountability for where you’ve been and where you want to go. You are already doing well, but as any high performer knows, there is always room for growth, development, and improvement. If this resonates with you, I would love the opportunity to work with you in creating the life you desire.

Coaching plans are unique to each individual and based on their needs, timeline, schedule, and budget.

Whether we meet monthly, or multiple times per week will depend on you and your goals. Sessions are generally done via Zoom or FaceTime, though some local people choose to meet in person at select times.

Our coaching agreement will last for a minimum of 3 months so we can get to know each other, work through the initial stages of the coaching plan, and begin creating positive results.

The first month is our onboarding process. It’s where we evaluate your current status, collect key information, begin exploring your goals, and start implementing key parts of the 4 Pillars Philosophy for Peak Performance. Following months build on the 4 pillars as we dive deeper into your roadmap to success.

The first month is our onboarding process. It’s where we evaluate your current status, collect key information, begin exploring your goals, and start implementing key parts of the 4 Pillars Philosophy for Peak Performance. Following months build on the 4 pillars as we dive deeper into your roadmap to success.You are the driver during each session. Think of me as the navigator. You will decide the topic (where we are going). My goal as the navigator decide on the best route to get there. I do this by asking lots of questions, drawing out key information that will be valuable to the journey and provide additional fuel to keep you moving forward towards your goals!

There’s a great quote from Brian Tracy that says, “Even a genius can get lost in a city without a map, but an average person will find their way almost every time with good directions.” Think of me as your GPS. You set the destination. My goal is to help get you there in the best way possible!
As mentioned earlier, I will not tell you what to do, but I will definitely challenge you and push you outside your comfort zone on the journey. Throughout the coaching process, I will also provide tools, resources, and challenges that are timely and applicable to the path you are on.
At the end of each session, we review what we discussed, agree on the next steps you will take, and the tactics you will use to stay accountable and on task. From personal experience working with my own coaches, I can attest to the power of having a coach in your corner. Your mind goes to work in magical ways and before you know it, you are accomplishing more than you thought possible, and ticking things off your list that you’ve been neglecting for years!

Tim is friendly, laid back, sincere, and genuinely passionate about helping people experience their best self in order to live an amazing life. Coaching is a key part of his 5 Core Values, and he puts his heart and soul into each client.

Despite his friendly, laid back personality, Tim isn’t afraid to ask tough questions, shine the spotlight on fears, rationalization, and excuses. Pushing you outside your comfort zone is a key part of the coaching process, and leads to breakthrough results in all areas of life!

Tim has a Bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University. His mix of Psychology and Kinesiology education led him to start his coaching career working with national and international level athletes. As an elite athlete himself (Junior level hockey player, National Baseball Institute, and New York Yankees draft pick), Tim’s experiences, along with coaching thousands of clients have shaped his philosophy of the performance mindset, and coaching process necessary to lead a high performing life.

Over the past 20+ years, Tim has worked with everyone from professional athletes, to children, CEO’s of billion dollar companies, corporate leadership teams, and line level employees at organizations of all sizes and industries. Out of this varied experience, he has developed his 4 Pillars Philosophy of Personal Performance.

These 4 pillars are the fundamental basis for all sustainable performance in life. Tim provides personalized coaching and guidance in each of these 4 Pillars (Mindset, Lifestyle, Fitness, Nutrition). This enables him to produce consistent results for so many people with such varied backgrounds and goals.

Tim is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and Master Coach for several different multinational health and fitness organizations, and the CEO of FRESH! Wellness Group in Calgary, AB ( He is a respected international presenter that has been speaking professionally to corporations, and International conferences for the past 15 years.

It’s important to note that while Tim started in fitness and elite athletics, his approach is NOT about getting in shape with a personal trainer, going to the gym, or following a specific diet. Yes, he will help you improve your fitness and nutrition. This is because improvements in these areas provide the foundational energy capacity and fuel to live a high performing life. Tim’s greatest benefit to your success is helping you develop the performance MINDSET, lifestyle, and personal care habits that create success in anything you choose to do.

The amount of investment depends on the type of program and how often we see each other, as well as the level of support and accountability desired.

These details are determined during our initial coaching interview call (complimentary). It’s our chance to see if we are a good fit to work together (not always the case), and determine the best framework from which that will happen.

You can expect your monthly coaching investment to be between $500 and $2000. This ranges between a couple coaching sessions and email support to multiple weekly sessions, weekday accountability check-ins, and VIP instant messaging support.

All coaching clients have unlimited access to Tim via email between sessions.

If you feel that we will be a fit to work together, or you want to find out more details, simply email me, and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Tim Borys, BA, CSCS, MES, NCCP2, HLC1