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timborys - Ignite Your Potential

CFO asks CEO:

What happens if we invest in the health and wellness of our people & then they leave us? CEO: What happens if we don’t, and they stay!


It’s simple. Healthy, happy, and fit employees are more engaged productive, and profitable for any company. In fact, $3 to $8 is typically returned to the company for every dollar properly invested in employee wellness.


Unfortunately, few companies properly allocate their wellness investment. Most organizations are too busy investing in SICKNESS treatment rather than WELLNESS promotion and illness prevention


Tim’s corporate consulting services are designed to drive value and effectiveness across your business by helping you build the strategy, programs, and culture necessary to reap the rewards of increased workplace performance and wellness.

A great wellness program doesn’t need to be expensive if you invest your time, money and resources wisely.

Our team will help you identify the best areas of focus, the most effective programs to implement, and even help you manage the process. We will consult with you to:

Evaluate the option appropriate to your budget

We take pride in offering options for every level of investment. Let us surprise you with the versatility and effectiveness of our program options

Provide a la carte services as needed

In addition to our foundational program structure, we are able to add specialty programs and services as needed to accommodate special occasions, and short term initiatives. We customize for your needs.

Help you identify, engage, and train internal champions

The success of any program comes from internal change. We create a team of champions in each department to accelerate program adoption and effectiveness

Recommend changes, modifications, and areas for improvement

Base on our regular evaluations, we work with your stakeholders to regularly tweak, update, and improve the program for maximum effectiveness.

Perform regular evaluations and wellness audits

The purpose of a wellness program is to create positive change. We regularly evaluate and measure to ensure forward progress.

Ideally, an initial consultation and strategy session is where we start with EVERY company. Programs without purpose are a recipe for failure. That failure adds up to wasted time, resources, and money! Whether you are just thinking about starting a program, or looking for ways to improve your existing initiatives, Tim and his team of experts are here to help. Our goal is to help you provide the best programs, tools and resources for your employees while also being conscious of your company’s bottom line.

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Find out the health of your workplace wellness program! Click here for a free questionnaire that provides your “Workplace Wellness Score”. Then, book a consultation with our team to discuss the results, and receive recommendations unique to your company! The first consulting hour is on us!
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The Next Step!

We experts at creating innovative, effective, and fiscally responsible wellness programs for companies of all sizes. We’ve worked with a diverse range of companies from many industry segments. Whether remote site, corporate office, or industrial warehouse, our multi-faceted approach to workplace wellness produces great results. Book a meeting with us to discuss the possibilities that exist to make your wellness program an integral part of your organization’s success!