Corporate Workshops

Onboarding & Training For Employee Wellness Champions

Properly trained Wellness Champions are essential to a properly run Workplace Wellness Program. Most wellness champions are volunteers and highly passionate, but unfortunately few are given the skills and training to help them succeed in their role.

This valuable workshop is designed for companies to effectively train and onboard employees as wellness champions. It contains the following content

The course can be completed in half or full day formats, and done in person or remotely via video conference.

Included In The Program

  1. Goals and objectives of Workplace Wellness
  2. Role of a wellness champion
  3. Overview of company specific wellness program
  4. Detailed discussion of key priorities and program initiatives
  5. Internal marketing strategy and tactics
  6. Communication and coordination among champions, and with other internal stakeholder groups
  7. Help and support structure

Corporate Group Challenge Preparation

Is your company planning an active company event or challenge? If so, many of your people will be unprepared mentally and physically. Our goal with this ½ day workshop is to provide an added boost of enthusiasm around the challenge, but also ensure that your team is properly prepared for what’s in store! We will discuss:

  1. Mindset for a successful challenge
  2. Teamwork, cooperation
  3. Physical prep (in advance)
  4. Practical and Technical preparations on event day
  5. Recovery and regeneration
  6. Continuing the momentum into new and future events

Fitness & Wellness Professionals

Proprietary Seminars and Workshops

All proprietary sessions can be performed as a 90 minute seminar or scaled to a full 8 hour workshop format. Rates vary based on format, location, and structure at host site. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Functional Training Foundations Series:

For Trainers, Instructors and Coaches (3 x 8 hour Workshops)

  1. Functional Movement Analysis – The Essential Skills You Must Know
  2. Primal Movement Pattern Training
  3. Applied Functional Fitness – Tools, Techniques, and Training Skills

Sport Performance Series:

Advanced Training for The Everyday Athlete (3 x 8 hour Workshops)

  1. Athletic Movement, Stability & Balance
  2. Strength & Conditioning Principles and Practice
  3. Speed, Agility & Quickness

Personal Training Evolved – Coaching to Harness the 4 Pillars of Performance in Your Clients

Beyond the Foam Roll – SMR and Fascial Essentials for Manual and Movement Practitioners

The Mobile Training Toolkit – For Trainers on the Go!

The Business of Group Personal Training

3rd Party Course Hosting

  1. ViPR
  2. Trigger Point Performance Therapy
  3. Lebert Training Systems