timborys - Ignite Your Potential
timborys - Ignite Your Potential

What the Future of Work Means for Your Health, Happiness, Performance and Profitability.

The future of work is here, but many companies missed the memo. In today’s workforce, employees are increasingly sick, tired, unhealthy, disengaged, and unproductive. A huge reason is because too many people have sitting disease. Unfortunately, most companies encourage and reward it.

The solution is to create a company movement around…movement!

Simply getting bodies moving regularly fosters increased productivity, happiness, creativity, and profitability. Smart companies understand the gravity of this negative situation on every aspect of business profitability. They are transforming their organizations to become leaders in the boardroom and on the bottom line.

Forget the fancy equipment, and watered-down wellness initiatives. Creating change should be simple, effective, meaningful and quick to start.

This session provides the framework for success that each employee and company can use to transform workplace health, happiness, performance, and profitability.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Use movement to get more work done in less time
  • Include movement throughout your day without feeling like a moron or slacker
  • Master simple daily movements that boost energy, reduce injury, and help you feel great
  • Manage your own personal movement strategy for better energy, health, and performance at home and the office
  • Use 4 essential elements of a healthy workplace to create a movement around movement in your company

This session is perfect for any company that has living, breathing employees…at least until the robots take over!