timborys - Ignite Your Potential
timborys - Ignite Your Potential

Simple Personal Habits to Power Performance & Productivity

Forget time management. It’s a myth. The important resource to manage and cultivate is your energy.

Energy is what allows you to be productive and do what you want to do. All the time in the world is useless if you don’t have the energy to get anything done!

In today’s fast paced, constantly changing world, people are stressed, overworked, burned out, uncertain of the future, and drained of their precious energy. Despite destroying lives and companies every day, the personal energy problem has a simple solution.

Personal Energy is a renewable resource that we all have the capability to create at will. At the heart of effective energy management are strategic daily rituals designed to tap into your physical, mental, and emotional energy resources.

This session is your guide to cultivating, improving, and managing your energy so that you can life the healthy, happy, high performing life you deserve.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify the energy sucking black holes in life that drain your motivation, enthusiasm, energy, and productivity
  • Create instant (and long-lasting), on demand energy through simple actions that can take less than 1 minute
  • Set up a simple daily structure that will get your energy and productivity back on track quickly when life throws you an unexpected curveball
  • Maximize the use of these success rituals at work and home to boost your health, happiness, productivity, and performance.

This session is a great addition to conference schedules and workplaces where employees could benefit from greater health, happiness, energy and productivity.