timborys - Ignite Your Potential
timborys - Ignite Your Potential

Harness Your Power for Greater, Health, Happiness, and Performance

We are continually presented with barriers to living the life we want. This happens at work, home, and with our health and well-being. Stress, fatigue, lack of motivation, poor health, the economy, and corporate reorganization are a few examples.

Each of us has the tools and ability to manage and overcome these barriers, yet few people use them to thrive.

The answer is to understand and use the “Circle of Success” Tim has created a simple, yet highly powerful model called The Circle of Success or Distress based on over 25 years of coaching experience.

Whether you know it or not, you are already using this simple, yet extremely powerful model every day of your life. The key to success is in understanding the process and using it to your advantage!

Tim is your guide on an inspiring, and enlightening journey into the Circle of Success or Distress. Learn to identify critical circles in your life, tap into your strengths, and create positive circles of success!

Using this model, Tim has taught thousands of people to transform their lives, careers, families, and organizations.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify circles of distress in the areas of self-confidence, health, and personal performance.
  • Use each step of the circle to make small positive changes each day
  • Create simple daily habits to make change easier, faster, and more fun
  • Combine mindset, habits, and motivation to transform these circles from distress to success

This session is perfect for high stress work environments, those undergoing transition, reorganization, and rapid change.