timborys - Ignite Your Potential
timborys - Ignite Your Potential

Empowering People and Organizations to Hit a Grand Slam in Health and Happiness… No Matter What Life Throws Your Way!

We look, feel, and perform better when we take care of our health and wellbeing. However, life regularly throws us curveballs that can derail our healthy intentions. These curveballs are the challenges, barriers, beliefs, myths, knowledge gaps, and tough situations we (and our clients) face each day.

This engaging session will help you see these curveballs through the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance, and provide simple tools to help you and your organization hit a grand slam in health and happiness.

You Will Learn How To:

Master the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance as a blueprint for lifelong wellness.

Overcome self-doubt and embrace a mindset that will motivate you to clarify your purpose, passion, values, and goals for life.

Adopt simple daily habits that enable you to consistently overcome procrastination, avoidance, and excuses to implement your work, wellness, and life goals

Set aside excuses, start moving well, and do the right things for your body that will provide you the energy and health you’ve always wanted, but never attained.

Eliminate the confusion of food so you can be healthy, never diet again and energize yourself through guilt-free eating.

This session is perfect for people, companies, and organizations who understand that health and happiness are the foundation of outstanding productivity and performance in work and life…and who want to improve those areas!

Improving Your 4 Pillars of Performance