About Tim Borys

Tim Borys


Tim Borys is a master at sparking passion and positive change in those around him. He created his 4 Pillars Philosophy of Personal Performance to help people take ownership of their personal success, contribute their best work to society, and live a long, vibrant, and fulfilling life!
Tim has been speaking, presenting, and consulting for over 15 years, to organizations across North America. His entertaining, engaging, and practical approach to speaking and coaching brings his audience on a fun, informative, and often humorous journey that positively transforms lives and greatly contributes to the success of companies that apply his 4 Pillars Philosophy.

The Fitness Curveball

These books are dedicated to Mackenzie and Cooper. I’m so proud of the people you’ve already become. Your future is unlimited. Keep expanding your love of learning, adventure, and solving the puzzles life presents you. Stay curious, and have the courage to blaze your own path. Love you madly, Daddy